Veterinary Systems


AVChoice systems are equipped with an integrated tube stand with variable SID and an anatomically programmed, high frequency generator providing a cost effective and time saving solution for the veterinarian who seeks maximum capability in minimal space.





SEDECAL Standard Vet Systems

For a wide range of animals SEDECAL offers a full variable Focal Digital Distance tube-stand, which may be coupled with either the stretcher table or 4-way table.





AMERICOMP AV2 - Intergrated 60 Hz System

The maximum generator output is 300 mA at 125 kV and features an easy to use control panel resulting in minimal retakes. Two mA stations provide fast exposure for small and large tube filaments. Eighteen time stations, as low as 1/120th for precise time resolution. Major and minor kV selectors provide resolution within one kV of desired value. Completely sealed from animal fluids.