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The FWFC Digital Radiographic System is powered by DelWorks T-Series DR, combining the in-room exibility and portability of a wired 14 in x 17 in (35 cm x 43 cm) Cesium-Iodide digital imaging detector with the powerful diagnostic usability of the radiographic components.





UNIVERSAL Anthem Generator

The ANTHEM operates in three user-friendly modes; APR (Anatomically Programmed Radiography), 2 point or 3 point technique set-up and allows customization of operation to meet the needs of the particular practice and the preferences of the technologist.
Simply choose the region of interest, select the desired examination, then select patient size to display the pre-programmed technique





UNIVERSAL Straight Arm

The Universal Straight Arm system is an easy to operate, economical solution that accommodates all conventional imaging techniques in seated, standing or recumbent positions.







The AM1 System allows for a wide range of cross-table procedures. The system provides effortless operation and increases productivity. The rugged yet versatile design prevents wear and expands procedures. Quality standards from Americomp radiographic systems are unsurpassed from other manufacturers.







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