Chiropractic Systems


The Raymaster Chiropractic System combines economy and flexibility to provide a wide range of diagnostic procedures at an affordable price. Flexible mounting of the Raymaster tubestand column allows for floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall mount interchangeability, for easier, quicker installation.





Bennet Chiropractic X-ray System

Bennet offers Chiropractors the most advanced technology available in the radiographic industry. Addressing the most critical aspects of upright skeletal radiography, 100 kHz technology far exceeds the competition Producing more radiation in less time allows for shorter exposure times.






Chiro AC1 System is a complete radiographic system designed for high quality performance. Features a 30kW high frequency generator (300mA 125kVp), allows for shorter exposure times and increased penetration for the larger patient, Upgrade available to 500ma





UNIVERSAL Anthem Generator 

The ANTHEM operates in three user-friendly modes; APR (Anatomically Programmed Radiography), 2 point or 3 point technique set-up and allows customization of operation to meet the needs of the particular practice and the preferences of the technologist. Simply choose the region of interest, select the desired examination, then select patient size to display the pre-programmed technique