About TRI-State Medical

TRI-State Medical has been actively involved with medical and veterinary professionals since 1993. TRI-State Medical has provided X Ray Equipment, Film Processing Equipment, X-Ray Film and Darkroom Supplies to the medical industry. We are one of the area's leading suppliers of X-Ray medical equipment With friendly customer service, we can handle any order conveniently and efficiently.

We have factory trained service technicians for support and service on x-ray and processing equipment.

TRI-State Medical has the x-ray solution for your facility!

Digital X-Ray Products Include:

DR-Direct Digital Plate Radiography
CCD-DR DR Plate and CCD Camera
CR Computerized Digital Cassettes
Digital Dental Digital X-Ray Sensor
HF High Frequency X-Ray Systems
MRI, CT, C-ARM Systems
Dry Film Printers Laser Film Printers
PACS Film Storage Archive Systems
DICOM Diagnostic Viewing Licenses
Integration: Images integrated with Paperless Management Software Programs



Digital X-Ray vs. Conventional X-Ray

We offer a TEAM approach with your decision to transition into Digital X-Ray.

Our team takes the quality standards to the next step, practicing an outstanding level of professionalism and efficiency.

IT personnel on staff to assist you with software, network and computer hardware solutions.

Factory Trained Personnel on staff for our X-Ray Systems support 24/7/365